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Different forms…

September 26, 2012

Different forms of communication really affect the relationship between two subjects.  Researchers say we communicate with another human over 90% purely through body language.  Maybe that’s why people are so uncomfortable around physically handicapped individuals.  Then there is eye contact, which only accounts for roughly 5% of-what you are actually portraying to someone.   Maybe that’s why hot people never need to say interesting things.

So … texting.  This is the worst way to speak to each other.  You cannot rely on expression or tone.  Though we all seem to want to assume a tone to the text we read ; Often inaccurate.  Not just phone, but any text really.  It’s really very poor of us.  We don’t even call anymore.  Though it is way convenient (the drive-thru of communication)  and kills people (also, like fast food).

How many relationships have ultimately ended from a misunderstanding due to texting?


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