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This is why the world is sexier for tall people

December 4, 2012

Everybody knows ‘people all see the world through their own eyes’ but do you ever think about how peoples’ sizes change their perception as opposed to your own?  Someone tiny will experience the world completely differently than a man who is 6’6″.   It’s a fact that we instinctual and subconsciously compare things to the size of the average human body as well as our own when contemplating an object.   There is an artist who plays on this by creating large-scale sculptures of everyday objects that transform into threatening presences once made larger than the human body.
Viewing a face from the top is seen as one of the most flattering angles (think Myspace shots) so the world is probably a little bit sexier for tall people.  They also get a more clear view down women’s shirts and see minimal belly flab.   Short people see the worst angle, one full of double chins and open nostrils.   Yuck


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