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 instead of cl…

 instead of clouds crawling overhead
there were enormous and silent stingrays
blocking out the sun

We don’t care <3

I have a lot of friends who date and tell me about it.  They always come across those people who ‘have been hurt in the past’.

‘He says he has intimacy issues because he’s been hurt in the past’
‘Gotta take it slow, she was hurt in the past. ‘
‘He doesn’t want to be too serious, he’s been hurt in the past. ‘
Everyone, like.. ever, has been hurt in the past.
Only some people hold onto it and allow it to hinder their future.   Being afraid is fine- but allowing that fear to keep you from living is pathetic.
But please, continue telling us how you’ve been damaged and cannot connect with someone intimately.  It’s better to get that out in the open right away, because who would want to date someone like that anyway?


Different forms…

Different forms of communication really affect the relationship between two subjects.  Researchers say we communicate with another human over 90% purely through body language.  Maybe that’s why people are so uncomfortable around physically handicapped individuals.  Then there is eye contact, which only accounts for roughly 5% of-what you are actually portraying to someone.   Maybe that’s why hot people never need to say interesting things.

So … texting.  This is the worst way to speak to each other.  You cannot rely on expression or tone.  Though we all seem to want to assume a tone to the text we read ; Often inaccurate.  Not just phone, but any text really.  It’s really very poor of us.  We don’t even call anymore.  Though it is way convenient (the drive-thru of communication)  and kills people (also, like fast food).

How many relationships have ultimately ended from a misunderstanding due to texting?


I’m confused

Our bodies are connected to our natural environment, right?   We have to put heavy metals into our system in order to survive because we were created from a planet that was pummeled by metallic meteors that deposited iron all over the world.
A vitamin D deficiency can lead to cancer, asthma in children and mental impairment in adults.  Vitamin D is most often synthesized by our own skin when it comes in contact with sunlight.  Life created from the same materials as its surroundings is designed to absorb and require those surroundings in order to exist.

Doesn’t that make us an extension of the universe?   A deconstructed-then-reconstructed form is essentially the same thing and if both coexist at the same moment then maybe the latest form is a unique appendage of the larger whole.  Or perhaps a mean of the larger whole branching out in different forms to further propagate it’s existence and be less inclined to become extinct by any one particular situation.

Snow White never learned any lessons except to use a condom

Censorship can potentially withhold knowledge that would lead to personal or societal growth.  Most censorship in history has been birthed from fear of this growth and could act as a form of second hand oppression.   I’m sure a lot of the decision makers on that thought it was for the peoples’ own good- that anarchy would ensue  and upheavals would ruin economic and cultural structure, or something.   There is one branch of fiction that should be censored, though we are all taught the stories from a time before we could speak.
Fairy tales are more danger than good.  They are meant to be innocent stories that may or may not squeeze in a moral or two of how a good human should be.   They are successful in those teachings, but also set a foundation of how we think life should be.  It forms shaky black lines and we prepare to fill in the coloring pages, idolizing just how the Princesses did it.   From a young age we are ingrained with the ideal that we will fall in love, just once, and that love will surpass any evil forces destined to destroy it.  The woman inherits a gorgeous castle through her super-hot royal husband (who is completely down to earth and considerate, even though he has been handed everything he ever wanted) Then they live happily ever after.   This is obviously a grossly inaccurate depiction of reality.
No wonder first heartbreak is so painful.  Nobody in fairy tales has an ex.  Love ALWAYS lasts, hence no breakups, hence hard lessons to learn in high school.
Kids are unprepared for their parents divorces or unconventional family structure.  There was a young girl who once asked her  mom why ‘daddy won’t marry her like Prince Charming did to Cinderella’.  True story.
In fairy tales, love is enough.  You are in love! Who needs to think about whether that person will be a good parent to your children, have enough stability and motivation to be a good partner in your adult life?  Not us, we are in love.  Plus, kids will be A-Okay because we live in a fucking castle with millions of implied dollars  and servants who love us.   No fights about money, no worries of future finances.

Nobody has a job in fairy tale land.  Nobody is struggling to pay for their education that never gave them the job they were promised.  Nobody has zits, AIDs or a compromised heart due to obesity.  Nobody has to worry about taxes, job relocation or veterinarian bills.

This is what our children are learning.  Perhaps life would be a fraction less painful if we were properly prepared from a young age.   Censor them!  Or at least, rewrite them to be more modern and realistic.

Cinderella can be in a foster home rather than her evil step-mothers.  Crying in her pumpkin garden about her shitty life never got her anywhere.  Her fairy godmother is Oprah, who’s talk show taught Cinder to work really hard to get what she wants out of life and that nobody will give her a dress, car or better life except herself.

Snow White was actually poisoned by Prince Charming’s psycho ex-girlfriend.  Charming wakes Sleeping Beauty, but later breaks up with her to go back to his ex.  She finds later she now has HPV, but has gotten an immense amount on self-reliance and learned not to depend on a man to solve her problems.

Rumplestilskin kills and rapes the miller’s daughter because she let him, a creepy stranger who knew her name, in the house with her alone.

The Prince fights the dragon, climbs the highest mountain, slays the beast and answers all the riddles all for a woman who thinks of him as ‘just a friend’


Being born has to be the most traumatic thing we will ever experience as humans.
We are in this nice, dark, comforting place and are then violently removed, along with everything we ever knew.  Our eyes arent adusting to light, our skulls are smooshed and collapsed, our skin feels cold for the first time, our lungs actually are Working for once- ughh that seems just awful.  No wonder we block it and the next 5 years out of our memories.

The fate of humanity

We think we are so cerebrally above every other life-form but we are rendered completely dumb by bright lights.  The fourth of July is a celebrated holiday in America where we all stare at the sky in complete awe of colored pretty lights with our mouths hanging open.   Fireflies, strobe lights, laser beams at a techno show, disco dance floors-  passengers stare at passing emergency vehicles

Think of those hot summer nights when the drone of a florescent blue bug light was punctuated by the sound of insect death.  Years at summer camp watching  moths ceaselessly bounce off the porch lamp until the sun came out.
We are a higher life form?

If aliens (or whatever) came to take over our world, all they would have to do was blink a bunch of neon lights and we’d be sitting ducks.